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How Origami Lockets are Changing Lives?

As the time is progressing the children are attaining maturity sooner and sooner. Even a 15 year old nowadays thinks of getting a job. There are a lot of jobs available in local stores, however there are no opportunities for those who want to be self employed. Even if you somehow get the money, you need a good idea. And the probability of this idea working is not very high. Numerous businesses fail every year. So starting a new business is very risky. However if someone could provide you with an already working idea, that would be awesome. If you could just make a little investment and make money with your hard work then there will be no stopping you. Well, this is exactly what Origami Owl® is doing.

What is Origami Owl®?

It is a company that is in the business of selling customized and personalized jewelry. They call it living lockets® or origami lockets. The company was started in the year 2010 by a girl who is only fourteen year old for earning money to buy second hand car on her sixteenth birthday. She started selling these lockets at parties and boutiques. Soon the demand was more than she alone could handle, so her family started helping by establishing a business. They set a proper website and retail counter to reach even more customers. In 2012 they started the direct sales model.

origami owl living locket

Origami Locket

What is direct sales model?

This method is quite similar to the one in which a sales person comes to your home to sell and market products. Direct selling is selling products away from the retail location directly to the customer. The only difference is that the direct sellers are not company employees while sales persons are. The direct sellers are themselves customers who buy products at some discounted prices and sell them at the marked prices. They don’t get salaries; they get the profits they themselves make. Origami Owl® calls them designers.

How to become a designer?

To become a designer you just need to register with the company. There are a few requirements you need to fulfil, one of them being that you should be at least 14 years old. Once registered, you can start with an investment as low as $149. You will get some origami lockets, some charms to customize the lockets, invitation cards to invite people, way to success guide, etc. You will get complete support from the company and also you will be teamed up with an experienced designer to guide you. The company will do everything it can to ensure your initial growth; rest depends on your own hard work.

Today there are more than 50,000 designers across the United States, most of them from ages 15 to 20. Origami Owl® has provided a unique platform to teenagers to help them realise their dreams. The company helps you get a head start to learn how to run a business before you can start one of your own, because in today’s world the sooner you start the better.