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Origami Owl Jewelries for Making Look Better and Better

The world is a stage and everyone is here to impress. You may a lady working at home or you may be a professional, you are going to face a lot of things in life, but then you have the envisaging smile that is going to help you out of every problem. In the corporate world, there are going to be times when you will have to be presentable, you will have to add a lot of accessories to your style in order to make yourself look glossy and classy.

Gone are the days when formal shirt and trouser were enough to satisfy the word corporate now a punch of style has made it beautiful. Ladies from different work backgrounds are turning glamorous and presentable. A small addition of accessories like a chain or a bracelet can make you look a lot better and different from the other women working at the same office.

A Classy Style:

Origami Owl® is one amazing set of jewelries that brings to you the best of style and class. You are going to have a lot of options to choose from, you can go to the office wearing a lot of designer wears and look really pretty and presentable.

These pendants and these bracelets have a high quality of work done on them. You can always acquire your favorite design; you can also get some amazing designs carved on them. This is one of the designs that add a lot of glamour and class to your personality.

Origami Owl® Jewelry

Origami Owl Jewelry

The Independent Women Statement:

This origami owl® is the classic set of different bracelets and pendants. These pendants have a different kind of aura and style attached to them, they have a new refreshing look and people are going to turn and appreciate your fresh look.

You might be a working woman, but that is no excuse not to dress actually it should be the reason, you should dress well and make the world know what a really, professional and classy woman looks like. This is going to be a good experience; you are going to develop a different kind of confidence.

The power of dressing is incomparable, the kind of confidence it leverages you with is going to make you shine through the dense situations. The world has changed and it is important for everyone to change with the world. You should always live in style and also make a lot of statements. When you have the capability to work and make this world a better place to live then you should also start identifying your worth and you should also dress up like beautiful women.

These pendants and lockets can also be used as a gift for your loved ones, you can always express your love with the love pendants, or you can show your care for your friends and family members. This can be the most treasured gift you will ever receive or gift to someone else. So do not think  much, grab one of these for yourself and one for your most loved one. View the online Origami Owl® jewelry store website:

How Origami Lockets are Changing Lives?

As the time is progressing the children are attaining maturity sooner and sooner. Even a 15 year old nowadays thinks of getting a job. There are a lot of jobs available in local stores, however there are no opportunities for those who want to be self employed. Even if you somehow get the money, you need a good idea. And the probability of this idea working is not very high. Numerous businesses fail every year. So starting a new business is very risky. However if someone could provide you with an already working idea, that would be awesome. If you could just make a little investment and make money with your hard work then there will be no stopping you. Well, this is exactly what Origami Owl® is doing.

What is Origami Owl®?

It is a company that is in the business of selling customized and personalized jewelry. They call it living lockets® or origami lockets. The company was started in the year 2010 by a girl who is only fourteen year old for earning money to buy second hand car on her sixteenth birthday. She started selling these lockets at parties and boutiques. Soon the demand was more than she alone could handle, so her family started helping by establishing a business. They set a proper website and retail counter to reach even more customers. In 2012 they started the direct sales model.

origami owl living locket

Origami Locket

What is direct sales model?

This method is quite similar to the one in which a sales person comes to your home to sell and market products. Direct selling is selling products away from the retail location directly to the customer. The only difference is that the direct sellers are not company employees while sales persons are. The direct sellers are themselves customers who buy products at some discounted prices and sell them at the marked prices. They don’t get salaries; they get the profits they themselves make. Origami Owl® calls them designers.

How to become a designer?

To become a designer you just need to register with the company. There are a few requirements you need to fulfil, one of them being that you should be at least 14 years old. Once registered, you can start with an investment as low as $149. You will get some origami lockets, some charms to customize the lockets, invitation cards to invite people, way to success guide, etc. You will get complete support from the company and also you will be teamed up with an experienced designer to guide you. The company will do everything it can to ensure your initial growth; rest depends on your own hard work.

Today there are more than 50,000 designers across the United States, most of them from ages 15 to 20. Origami Owl® has provided a unique platform to teenagers to help them realise their dreams. The company helps you get a head start to learn how to run a business before you can start one of your own, because in today’s world the sooner you start the better.

Tips About Origami Owl Jewelry

Even though Origami Owl jewelry has seen unbelievable success in these few small years, it has for all time been more than just advertising jewelry. We are extremely committed to creating a force for good and making a distinction in the lives of others. We attempt to help others achieve their thoughts

Our work is to be a force for good; to adore, inspire people of all ages to arrive at their dreams authorize them to make a dissimilarity in the lives of others



The undisclosed to a full set of stylish earrings begins here! These Sterling Silver Petite Pave tradition Hoops can be modified with our variety of earring drop (from pearls to crystals) for simple, effortless application. Simply combine and game the Drops you love most to outfit your ever-changing style. Pair it by means of Mini Silver Living Locket with Crystals to inclusive your look.

Earring Features

  • Sterling Gray
  • Crystal inflection
  • Hypoallergenic surgical strengthen posts
  • Nickel and guide free

The origami owl jewelry is easily available in the market.


Get wrapped up with this Black real Leather Wrap. Finish your design with the Medium Silver Face with Crystals by Swarovski, average Wrap Locket bottom and favorite ornaments.

Leather Encloses Features

  • Limited version; available while provisions last
  • Leather hush-up, Wrap Locket face, and Wrap Locket basis sold separately

Share the blessing you hold secure in your heart with this Silver sacred Heart Plate. “Blessed” is embossed on the front and it fits absolutely inside our Silver feeling Living Locket with Crystals. Pair it with the gray Family Heart attraction for a screech out to your favorite populace.

Heart Protect Features

  • Made to completely fit inside the Silver spirit Living Locket with Crystals.
  1. 4.    NUTCRACKER

Bring the magic of the holiday period to life with this Nutcracker attraction. Paired with the Ballerina appeal in the Heritage Living Locket, Christmas joyfulness will be sure to hop its way into your feeling

.Get this restricted edition Charm previous to its gone!

Charm Features

  • Limited version; available while materials last. 1st in a sequence of Nutcrackers
  1. 5.    27″ SILVER MULTI-LAYER

It’s the perfect ornament to carry your Living Locket reminder and it’s on trend. Add dangle for a bright touch!

Chain Features

  • Lobster claw finish
  • 27″ length
  1. 6.    32″ GOLD tradition DECO CHAIN

Customize your important keepsake with this 32” Gold Deco tradition Chain. Wear it with your preferred Living Locket mixture and matching 7″ Gold Deco bangle Chain.

Chain Features

  • Lobster scrabble closure
  • 32″ length
  1. 7.    24″ STERLING SILVER control CHAIN

This slight, 24″ Sterling Silver Curb Chain completely holds the entire piece you connect with the majority from our CORE compilation. Include the Kismet keepsake for leadership in seeking your fortune amongst the stars. Add on the piece that reminds you to live from your central part.

Chain Features

  • Sterling Gray
  • Lobster scrapes closure
  • 24″ length

Thus origami owl jewelry designs are great in the market. You can know more info about this, please visit

Why You Should Organize the Jewelry Bar in Your Home

Do you like to meet your friends and family members and spend some memorable time with them? If yes, then jewelry bar can be the best place for it. This is commonly known as a place, where you meet with your friends and share your experiences with them. By the way, it is a very common hobby of ladies to meet each other and gossip. Just think, if this gossip can provide you something really very impressive, then? I know it will be great and that’s what origami jeweler trying to do. It supports you in organizing a jewelry bar at your place, where you can invite your friends and colleague and then prepare some impressive jewels with them.

origami owl living locket

Build Your Locket

It is a golden opportunity of winning free jewelry:

Whenever ladies see some customized jewelries, they stop for a few seconds and watch their designs. This happens with every lady because customized jewelries include various attractive stones and their designs force you to purchase them. Instead of purchasing them, you should invest some free time for it. You can also take the support of your friends in preparation of jewelries and that’s what we call jewelry bar. Today in many country ladies are organizing such events and they are showing their creativity for their personalized jewelries.

Probably you may know that origami jewelers offer you a useful chance of winning free jewelries. What you have to do is simply organizing a jewelry bar event in your place. Thus, you will call many of your friends about it. Now get some living lockets and floating charms from origami and then start preparing your living lockets. For sure your friends will take huge interest in this activity and they will help you in preparing some very impressive lockets. As a host you would have a chance of winning much jewelry from origami for free.

origami owl jewelry bar ideas

Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

Take help of an independent designer from your region:

As the demand grows for custom jewelries and personalized jewelries, many designers are trying to make their career in it. You can take the help of a local designer for organizing the jewelry bar in your home. I am sure that the designer will happily be agreed to help you. You can prepare all of your custom jewelry in that designer’s guidance and then check what you have got. I am sure you will get some very attractive jewelry to wear at events. Even, these jewelries will not cost you too much amount.

A jewelry bar is simply a way of improving your knowledge about creating the new personalized necklaces and lockets. There are many ladies, who have hosted such events and they won free jewelries from origami jewelers. Now it is your time to try it and get a chance of winning free jewelries. If there is no custom jewelry designer in your area, then you can also take the support of origami customer care. They will direct in hosting a perfect jewelry bar event at your home. In their direction you can organize a much better event to prepare some attractive jewelry at your home. For more information visit:

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